Bring Back the 80s with These Neon Fashion Trends!

Bring Back the 80s with These Neon Fashion Trends!

The 1980s are remembered as a decade of excess, and fashion was no exception. Characterized by bright colors, bold shapes, and loud patterns, the 80s fashion scene was all about pushing boundaries and expressing individual identity.

A standout trend of the era was neon clothing. Neon clothing was everywhere in the 80s. Featuring bold, eye-catching shades of yellow, pink, orange, purple, green, and blue that glowed fluorescently in the dark (thanks to special glow-in-the-dark fabric dye), neon clothes were unmissable on the street or at nightclubs. Popular items included tight-fitting leggings (sometimes with fishnet detail), oversized sunglasses with sweeping frames in coordinating shades of neon. Neon accessories such as headbands and jewellery were also popular with those who wanted to make a statement with their outfit. Neon wasn’t just for nighttime either; daywear also featured bright pops of color. Tees featuring graffiti-style prints were often decorated with neon hues as well as pastel shades for a softer look. Denim jackets and jeans could be seen in striking electric blues or pinks; in some cases covered entire in neon dye or fabric appliques for an even louder effect. Skirts and dresses could also be found in extra bright materials that gave off an iridescent sheen when caught by the sun’s rays – perfect for adding a pop of color to even the most neutral ensemble. It wasn’t just women who embraced the trend either; men too enjoyed sporting some ‘neon chic’ from time to time! Sweatshirts adorned with bright graphics such as flamingos and palm trees were popular choices amongst boys during this era. Motorcycle jackets often came complete with visible seams stitched together in contrasting neon hues - a statement piece that is still seen today! By the end of the decade, it seemed like everyone had caught onto this vibrant trend – but it wasn’t to last forever! The 90s saw a more toned down approach to style compared to its predecessor; however neon still made occasional appearances throughout this era too – proving that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Written by: JuvelAdmin

Date: 2023-01-14

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