Discover the Amazing Benefits of Hazel Heart for Healthy Living!

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Hazel Heart for Healthy Living!

Hazel Heart is an amazing and unique type of gemstone. It is a combination of both a stone and glass and is often referred to as a “lava-glass” or “obsidianite”.

It has the color of greenish-gray, with translucent properties. Hazel Heart is formed when molten lava hot springs are cooled quickly due to contact with water or air, creating a unique combination of crystalized silica that forms the glassy nature of the stone itself. It generally contains small amounts of iron oxide in its makeup, providing its unique greenish-gray coloration. The name itself comes from the common hazelnut tree – after being cut and polished, it has a very similar resemblance to the outside shell of the hazelnut. This stone has been used throughout history for many purposes – jewelry, tools, decorative items and many more! Hazel Heart is believed to be an important gemstone in terms of spiritual aspects as well. It is said that it can help its wearer be more creative and productive in their lives, as well as helping them access inner wisdom and a greater understanding of life’s mysteries. Some also believe that it acts as a protective amulet from negative energies and bad luck! Aside from its spiritual powers, Hazel Heart also makes for beautiful jewelry pieces – cut into cabochons for necklaces or studded into earrings for example. Its unique blend of coloration makes it attractive to those looking for something special to express their individual style. No matter what you plan on using Hazel Heart for, it can be a beautiful addition to any collection – both aesthetically pleasing and full of spiritual power!

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Date: 2023-01-14

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