Discover the Secret Behind the Pastel Cartel's Colorful Success!

Discover the Secret Behind the Pastel Cartel's Colorful Success!

Pastel cartel is a San Francisco-based music collective established in 2015. The group, which consists of up-and-coming artists, has slowly been making a name for itself in the Bay Area and beyond, thanks to its unique style and sound.

At the core of Pastel Cartel’s musical style is an emphasis on sounds from the '90s, such as nostalgic R&B beats and auto-tuned vocals. Drawing inspiration from this era, members of the collective blend together R&B and hip-hop styles to create a unique blend of modern neo-soul. Additionally, Pastel Cartel often experiments with other genres such as jazz and rock to craft their own distinct sound. The artists that make up Pastel Cartel come from varied backgrounds and influences, yet they all share a common goal: to make music that reflects their individual identities while at the same time resonates with others. This focus on expression is perhaps what makes Pastel Cartel stand out from other collectives; rather than simply chasing after fame or money, they strive to create music that celebrates diversity. Pastel Cartel’s mission has earned it an increasingly loyal fan base. The collective has gained recognition through live performances throughout California (including at venues like The Great Northern in San Francisco), as well as through its high quality recorded releases. In 2018, Pastel Cartel released its debut album ‘The Revival’ — a compilation of tracks from various members of the collective — which was met with critical acclaim for its sonic experimentation and lyrical depth. In addition to its musical endeavors, Pastel Cartel is also actively involved in promoting social justice causes through the arts. Through collaborations with non-profit organizations such as ColorLines Magazine and United Roots Oakland, the collective seeks to bring attention to issues such as racism and inequality through their artistry. It also regularly hosts workshops for young people in order to foster creativity within their community. With its unique style and commitment to social justice causes, Pastel Cartal continues to make waves within Bay Area music scene — both musically and culturally. As it grows more popular each day, we can only expect more exciting things from this forward thinking collective in the future!

Written by: JuvelAdmin

Date: 2023-01-14

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