How to Transform Your Look with Ouji Fashion!

How to Transform Your Look with Ouji Fashion!

Ouji fashion is a popular trend in Japan, and is characterized by an androgynous aesthetic that combines elements of traditional Japanese dress with modern looks. It may be mistaken as a Fratire or Goth style but it’s actually quite different—and much more intricate! In ouji fashion, clothing pieces tend to be loose-fitted and often feature unique prints or motifs.

Origins The ouji fashion trend originated in the 1980s in Japan, inspired by the western punk subculture. It was quickly embraced by young Japanese people who wanted to express themselves through their clothing and styling. Over time, it evolved into its own distinct look and today, it is a popular style that has been adapted for various settings such as festivals, cosplay events, and other occasions where personal expression is encouraged. Key Pieces The most recognizable piece of an ouji fashion outfit would be the blouse. These can range from plain white or black collared shirts to more intricate styles with lace frills and ruffles. Blazers are also common in ouji outfits since they are easy to mix-and-match with other items on hand. Popular bottoms include cuffed pants (both long and short), suspenders (especially in velvet), pleated skirts, skorts, shorts, culottes, and even hakama skirts. Accessories like scarves or neckties can really help complete the look! Hair & Makeup When putting together an ouji outfit, hairstyles play a big role as well! It can range from simply combing your hair back to more elaborate styles like buns or ponytails with ribbons or bows. Makeup is usually kept minimal for an everyday look but if you’re feeling adventurous you could try winged eyeliner or dramatic eyeshadow looks for special occasions. Overall Aesthetic The overall aesthetic of ouji fashion is one of sophistication and elegance—think tailored looks with neat layers that create a polished yet playful appearance. The layered fabrics add dimension while accessories such as hats or gloves will help complete the look while exuding effortless coolness! Ouji fashion can also be interpreted differently depending on the individual—it’s up to them how they want to express themselves through their clothing choices!

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Date: 2023-01-14

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