Smell Like Melanie Martinez with Her New Signature Scent!

Smell Like Melanie Martinez with Her New Signature Scent!

Melanie Martinez, the American singer-songwriter and photographer, recently launched her own perfume range. The range which is called ‘Cry Baby’ is inspired by her debut album with the same name and includes four unique scents.

The singer has created a unique fragrance experience that captures the essence of the Cry Baby album. The four fragrances in the range are ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Cake’, ‘Milk and Honey’, and ‘Cry Baby’. Every scent in the range has its own distinct characteristics which reflect Melanie's personal style. The Dollhouse scent is inspired by Melanie's iconic music video for her single 'Dollhouse', capturing a dreamy and playful atmosphere with notes of pear, lily of the valley, and white musk. The Cake fragrance reflects on Melanie's childhood memories of baking cakes with her grandmother, featuring warm sweet notes of vanilla, sugarcane, and almond blossom. Milk and Honey is a subtle yet sophisticated scent drawing inspiration from Melanie's love for bubblegum-flavored milk tea with notes of jasmine petals, coconut water, and white amber. Lastly, Cry Baby embodies a youthful energy with pink pepper mixed in with sparkling green apple and magnolia petals to create an effervescent scent that will leave you feeling refreshed all day long. The fragrances have been carefully crafted to capture both singular emotions or moments as well as broad concepts of love or nostalgia within each unique scent. Each fragrance is vegan friendly too! Customers can purchase any one or all four scents in the range on Melanie Martinez's website or in stores around the United States at an affordable price point to make it accessible to fans everywhere. Overall Melanie Martinez has created an exciting fragrance collection perfect for fans of her music as well as anyone looking for a unique scent experience. With four very different fragrances each evoking a different emotion or memory this collection really does have something for everyone!

Written by: JuvelAdmin

Date: 2023-01-13

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